Horror and Hope: The Long-Term Impact of Separating Children from Parents at the Border

This is not a Political Issue, this is a Humanity Issue

Pathwork Helper and teacher, Judith Garten, made a video with two other colleagues.  They made this offering, though they admit imperfect, with love and compassion for all the families ripped apart at our Southern border.  Judith in particular can understand the impact, as she was orphaned in the ending years of the Holocaust.
Their goal is to inform people about the effects, for which she bring in colleagues who specialize in childhood trauma and development impacts. 
And it’s a call to action, with some ways to do that, if you are moved.  They geared it to a general audience, not Pathworkers alone.
If you are inspired to see it, it’s about 22 minutes long. 
“Why Dig in The Darkness”- The Mind-Blowing Damage of Denial

“Why Dig in The Darkness”- The Mind-Blowing Damage of Denial

When you get right down to it, suffering doesn’t come to us, it comes through us. It originates from the depths of our beings, from our destructiveness. What happens is that we all become busy little bees, trying to figure out how to avoid, reduce or eliminate our suffering. But since we are presently chained to this world of duality, our typical methods don’t work.

For in our minds eye we see two forces that oppose each other. One is good, or constructive, and the other is bad, or destructive. And right there, in the moment we get trapped in this system of dualistic thinking, we lose any possibility of solving our problem. And of course our problem, we think, is whatever is causing us to suffer.

The bigger problems lies in the way we automatically begin to shield ourselves from actually seeing whatever is destructive within us. We deny. We avoid. We repress. We lie to ourselves and others. We do whatever it takes to not see there is a root cause for our suffering, and it’s in us.  (Continue Reading…)

Weekly Quote

Weekly Quote

“When man is in harmony with life because he is connected with his own causes and effects, his position toward the forces of life can be compared to a swimmer. The swimmer floats on the water. The water carries him. And yet he moves, he is not passive.”        
from PGL #160: Conciliation of the Inner Split   



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